Ya gotta start somewhere ...

Hello, World!

Yeah, this is trite … but I’m too scared to write anything else right now.

I want to write about my projects, maybe some life stuff, philosophy, etc. But I’m not comfortable enough writing yet to dive into that and the first rule of writing is: write.

So here we go.

This site

This site is a first for me. It’s built using jekyll and hosted via GitHub Pages. I don’t know that I’ve ever built a completely static site before, but it seemed a good fit here so I thought I’d give it a try.

So far I like jekyll. It feels well thought out and just featureful enough to be useful.

I looked at several other solutions for a site I could blog on. My primary requirement was support for GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM). It’s shocking how few blogging platforms offer this out of the box.

Another requirement was that setting up and maintaining the site needed to be dead simple.

Wordpress supports GFM via plugins, but Wordpress is absolutely not dead simple to setup and maintain.

I also really wanted to avoid paying anything for this site if possible, and there’s effectively no way to get a Wordpress site up & running for free. I couldn’t find any other platforms or servies that offered free options that met my two core requirements.

In the end, a GitHub Pages site powered by jekyll fits the bill nicely as it:

  1. Supports GFM
  2. Is dead simple to setup and seems like it’ll be dead simple to maintain
  3. Is completely free


That’s all folks!

Thanks for reading my first post!