My purpose for making games has changed

For a while now…

I’ve been thinking pretty deeply about why I want to make games and what the purpose of my games is.

For a long time my reason for making games has been to communicate my life’s story. I’ve realized recently that, while telling my life’s story is a noble endevour, I don’t want to relive most of my life.

My life has been exremely painful. While thinking through the details of the game I’m working on now, and brainstorming a bit of the next game I want to make, I realized something: Deciding what from my life I want to put in a game and how I want to translate my experiences into game mechanics hurt. Recalling and thinking about past trauma in detail was damaging my well-being.

I want to share my life’s story but, instead of doing so through a game, I would rather use the process of making games as a chance to have fun, feel good, and play.