Math is the best/worst thing ever

Mathmatics for Game Developers

First: This is a good book.

However, I have realized that it has been quite a while since I have felt so out of my depth learning something new. Being a self-taught developer means that I’ve learned what I’ve needed as I’ve gone in my career. I thought my tenure as an iOS/web developer would give me a leg up learning about game development. I was partially right, and very wrong.

The nuts and bolts of game development (at least from a programming perspective) is overwhelmingly math. Math is everything. Math is everywhere. So much math…

I thought I was pretty solid on math. I am pretty solid on the math I’ve needed so far, but not the math I need for game development. So, I feel like I’m starting from scratch - which is extremely frustrating as I’m not used to so confused all the time. I think the issue is that I’ve become spoiled over the last 10+ years. There hasn’t really been an entirely new field of learning until recently with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, and so on.

What I find fascinating is the potential for overlap I see between Machine Learning, et al, and game development (specifically, procedural content generation). What I find frustrating (and slightly disheartening) is how long it looks like it’ll be until I’m solidly grounded in the math for Machine Learning and game development.

Ultimately, I think working through the frustration is worth it. So I’ll be learning slower than I’d like for the next while… and, eventually, be able to do some sick shit via Machine Learning and game math.

Sooooo, about the games?

Yeah… it looks like it’s going to be a while before I have any updates to show for the new version of Jumpy McRunface. And it’ll be a while before I start on Monster Me.

I really want to have something to take to Pixel Pop this year. I’m thinking I might work on something really small. I’d like to see if I could strip something like SimCity 2000 down to the point that I could have something compelling by July 28th.

My thought is that putting all this learning time in now will drastically decrease the time required to build games in the future.

We’ll see…