A brief work history of bsgbryan


A lover of technology from childhood, I am a self taught developer always seeking to sharpen my skills, broaden my horizons, and add to my toolbox.

I love solving challenging problems. I love working with great teams. I love making things that improve people’s lives. I love mentoring and teaching people. I love learning. I love that I get to do this for a living.

Over the next few pages you’ll see what my love and hard work looks like - I hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you


Node.js React React Native Redux WebGL
iOS Web Sockets Design Patterns TDD Rails
Git AngularJS Unity Agile Web Services
ReST Eclipse Bootstrap XML VS Code


JavaScript CoffeeScript Ruby C# Objective-C
Swift Java Python SQL PgSQL


Maybe Software/MayB Games owner

St Louis (May 2014 - Present)

  • Designed, developed, & published streaming news reader for iOS using
    • Objective-C, Swift
    • Background process permissions
    • Deep integrations with the iOS media player
    • Siri (for reading the news)
    • Xcode
    • SocketRocket (library for WebSocket communication)
  • Designed, developed, & deployed server side news crawler/understander engine capable of processing 20,000+ articles per day using
    • Node.js, Python
    • Newspaper (Python3 library)
    • compromise/sentiment (Node.js libraries)
    • DBPedia (Java library)
    • PostgreSQL, PgSQL, Redis, & Lua
    • Google Compute Engine
    • WebSockets
    • A custom developed Node.js multi-process, asynchronous, message based orchestration engine
  • Designed, developed, & published PWA (Progressive Web App) news client for searching/reading crawled/understood news using
    • React/Redux
    • HTML5, CSS, SASS, & Bootstrap 4
    • WebSockets
    • Emoji
  • Designed, developed, & published an infinite platformer (think: never-ending Mario) to the iOS App Store using
    • Unity
    • C#
    • Custom developed real-time procedural content generation engine
    • REAPER, MIDI keyboard, & purchased samples for audio/music
    • Jumpy McRunface (the game) has over 3,000 downloads (though only word-of-mouth advertising)
  • Designed, develop, published, & maintain open source libraries for a WebSocket server, procedural content generation engine, analog synth, and Node.js module decoration framework (please see Personal Projects section below)

Contract Work developer

Various Locations (Oct 2013 - Present)

  • Designed, built, & maintained client side UIs using
    • React, React Native, & Redux
    • HTML5, Pug
    • CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap 3/4, & SVG
    • AngularJS
  • Deeply integrated Google Maps into native mobile app
  • Developed, implemented, & maintained Gulp-based build environment for multiple projects
  • Designed, built, & maintained multiple server side Node.js projects and APIs
  • Maintained, updated, & augmented legacy Ruby/Rails projects
  • Introduced detailed, effective, efficient Git workflows to multiple teams
  • Configured, deployed to, & maintained secure application servers (A+ rating from using
    • Ubuntu (Linux)
    • nginx
    • Let’s Encrypt
    • Google Compute Engine
  • Managed DNS for multiple clients
  • Migrated clients from legacy POP3 email servers to GSuite and Gmail
  • Administered multiple WordPress sites

FoodEssentials developer

St Louis (Oct 2012 - Oct 2013)

  • Built a big data analytics system for food nutrition data using
    • Java
    • Eclipse
    • Mashery
    • Solr
  • Built a mobile app allowing users to get in-depth info on food products by scanning barcodes using
    • Xcode
    • Objective-C
    • ScandIt
  • Designed, implemented, & managed Amazon Mechanical Turk workflows and communities to support label data extraction and categorization
  • Participated in marketing efforts at SXSW

Reed Elsevier developer

St Louis (Oct 2011 - Oct 2012)

  • Built Node.js application framework for building apps
  • Designed & built a progressive web app to track build statuses using
    • HTML5, Pug
    • CSS, SASS, & Bootstrap 3
    • JavaScript
  • Designed & built real-time performance profiling tool using JavaScript

American Express developer

St Louis (Oct 2010 - Oct 2011)

  • Integrated Rails with Java/TIBCO Business Works using ActiveResource
  • Maintained/updated legacy web UIs for internal apps/systems
  • Implemented new web UIs designed by in-house graphic designers

Mercy developer

St Louis (Oct 2009 - Oct 2010)

  • Troubleshot, updated, & managed internal Drupal site
  • Built reporting tools using Ruby/Rails for
    • Sensitive personal health records
    • Internal process/workflow status and alerts

MasterCard developer

St Louis (Mar 2009 - Oct 2009)

  • Built ETL web services to communicate with various external partners using
    • Java
    • WADS
    • XML
  • Introduced a formalized build process in Ant
  • Introduced Unit Testing and TDD with JUnit
  • Built a hex file parser to handle high volume streams of user data from external systems

Asynchrony developer

St Louis (Oct 2007 - Nov 2008)

  • Worked with team designing, developing, & documenting SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) stack for the Military
  • Worked on internal project tracking software, powered by Ruby/Rails
  • Designed and built an automated configuration/install tool for SOA projects using bash
  • Member of innovation team charged with fostering innovation within Asynchrony

Personal Projects

Jumpy McRunface mobile_platformer(Infinity)

Jumpy McRunface is a fun, zen little infinite platformer. Built largely as an experiment to learn about procedural content generation and to fulfill a life-long dream to be a game developer.

For more info, check it out in the App Store.

Readie news + (aggregator * streamer)

Readie is a unique, powerful way to take control of the news. Readie processes most english language news articles on the web - doing natural language processing and semantic analysis to determine what each article is talking about and how the article feels about each of it’s topics.

Wavy McFormface plugin(UNITY)

A powerful, flexible real time analog synth for Unity, written in C#.

For more information, please visit the GitHub repo.

Egghead Anarchy podcast([ 'games', 'movies', 'nerd life' ])

A weekly podcast where my friend Alex and I discuss/debate video games, movies, tv shows, and other nerdy things. I do all the editing and publishing. Available via SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitcher, and all Podcast apps.

Skyll framework('procedural content', render_me)

A renderer for procedurally generated 3D content.

Built using Node.js and CoffeeScript.

For more information, please visit the GitHub repo.

Madul framework(async_deps + instrumentation)

An elegant way to make everything beautifully asynchronous.

Madul makes writing asynchronous code (which is extremely performant and resource efficient) simple, fun, and easy to write & maintain.

Madul is built using Node.js and CoffeeScript.

For more information, please visit the GitHub repo.

Jyn framework('server', WEB_SOCKETS)

A simple, fun, fully asynchronous api framework - built on Madul.

Jyn is a powerful, flexible, next generation api server framework designed to make building api endpoints simple, quick, and easily testable.

Jyn is built using Node.js and CoffeeScript.

For more information, please visit GitHub repo.

Babbling On game_repo && tutorial_set

Babbling On is my attempt at jump starting a new format for tutorials and learning. I’m not sure how it will go, but so far I’m enjoying the project and finding ways to improve my other repos.

I started looking into Babylon.js recently as a tool to help prototyping game ideas and mechanics. I realized quickly that I should add inline diff comments so I could come back for reference when I needed to down the road. This got me thinking that maybe, with the proper organization and structure, a repo itself could be a good source of learning.

For more information, please visit GitHub repo.

Want to hire me?

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